Audio-Visual Resources

Here are various resources which we hope will be of value to you.

Sermon Recordings
We store a selection of audio recordings of recent sermons.  This is really useful if you missed one of the series. A larger archive is stored offline, so if you have a specific request, please contact the Rector who will try to help.

Whilst it is good for us to sing Biblical truth in the words of classic traditional hymns, we recognise that musical tastes change and the church must engage with contemporary society.  The music page contains links to YouTube videos including recordings of some of the new songs and hymns that we sing in church too.  This can be useful for your own meditation and reflection, and can also help you learn them so you can join in with confidence in our services.

Other Audio-Visual Resources
Occasionally something else crops up which doesn't quite fit either of the above categories.  They are stored here... enjoy!

Resources - Tools for Christian Living
Tools for Christian Living

Project Integr8
Connecting Faith and Life