Using your Talents

Giving is not limited to financial giving.  God has given us all we need to give generously but not all of us can give financially.  God wants us to be generous not just with our money but with our time, energy, skills, property and homes.  If we have received Godís abundant grace then we all have something to give generously. Sometimes these other things are harder to give than money.

If you would like to donate a sum of money to resource the mission of the church click here.

Along with financial resources, here are some of the other skills, talents and other resources that the churches could use in the service of Christ. (In alphabetical order.)

Tick the boxes on the right if you can help with any of these.

Art / DesignWe produce posters and cards and even scenery for our work with children.
Do you have an eye for design or a talent with a paintbrush?
CateringWe serve refreshments after services and provide meals at other times.
Could you do either of these things?
CleaningThe church buildings need keeping clean.
Can you wield a duster, a mop or a vacuum cleaner?  Can you polish brass?
ComputerSometimes we use computer technology in services (for showing films or displaying images or song lyrics).  This all needs setting up and managing.
Could you do this for us?
FlowersFlowers bring a touch of colour and life to the church buildings.
Could you help with some arrangements?
GardeningWe are responsible for the maintenance of the churchyards too.
Could you help in any way?
HistoryOur buildings are old and have all kinds of connections with the past.
Could you help us find out more about these forgotten histories?
Could you present a tour of the church to visitors?
HospitalitySometimes we meet informally in the homes of church members for a variety of purposes (from social occasions to gatherings for prayer and Bible study).
Would you be prepared to host a group from the church ?
Music-makingCan you play an instrument, or do you sing?  We can use musical talent on Sundays and at other times.
Could you help occasionally or regularly?
PhotographyIt is always good to have a photographic record of church events.
Can you take photographs?
PrayingIn our services, we spend time praying for the needs of the church, the wider world and our own community.
Could you lead us in prayer?
OrganisingWe arrange all kinds of events through the year.
Do you have the skills to plan events and coordinate volunteers?
ReadingEvery week during our meetings, we listen to God's word being read.
Could you read it clearly and make it live for us?
Sound / PAOur buildings all have sound reinforcement equipment to help those who are hard of hearing to be able to participate fully in worship.
Do you have any expertise in this field?
UnlockingWe need trustworthy and reliable people to be available to unlock the church buildings during the day for visitors.
Are you such a person?
VergerWhen we have special services like weddings and funerals, we need someone to set everything up in advance.
Are you free midweek or Saturdays and able to help in this way?
VideoWe have made short educative or entertaining films for a variety of purposes.
Could you help us film new episodes or edit the final versions?
WebsiteWe have a website which needs updating weekly.
Could you take on the management of our site?
WelcomingOur meetings are open to the public and quite often we get visitors who don't know most of us and don't know what to do in [our] church.
Are you friendly and good at speaking to strangers?

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