Our Services

The word "Service" is a shortened version of the phrase "Service of Worship" or "Divine Service". This is actually slightly misleading because all of our lives are supposed to be lived out in the service of God.  Jesus said that the greatest commandment is that we should love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength, and the Apostle Paul said we should offer ourselves as living sacrifices.

The times we meet together as a church family are therefore only one part of our worship of God.  To emphasise this point, some churches deliberately call these times "meetings" or "gatherings", but in our benefice we still refer to most of them as "services".

Click the links on the right for a flavour of what meeting with our church family is like.

Service Where When
AWE Widford 4th Sun
Praise Hunsdon 2nd Sun
Evening Prayer Widford 2nd Sun
Family Service Hunsdon 3rd Sun
Holy Communion Hunsdon 1st Sun
Wareside 2nd Sun
Widford 3rd Sun
Hunsdon 4th Sun
United 5th Sun
Morning Worship Widford 1st Sun
Wareside 4th Sun